Let’s Play
This is the story of Safroot the Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a forest filled with sorrow. In this forest the clouds were white like in any forest and the earth was black like in any forest, but the trees, the grass and all the rest was gray. It was a forest without colours.
The animals living in this forest were sad and frustrated. They felt so unpleasant in this colourless forest that they didn’t want to do anything. They didn’t even want to play.
In this forest lived a group of rabbits. Among them was one rabbit whose name was Safroot. Like the others, he was also sad. But he was sad because no one wanted to play with him.
Every day he asked his friends to play, but nobody ever said yes. They just sat in the grass complaining about how everything is so gray.

One day, after being turned down by his friends again, he decided to leave the rabbits and make a travel through the forest to find someone to play with.
After a little walk he arrived at a lake where fish were swimming. They had angry looks on their faces, but anyway Safroot asked:

“Hello fish, would you like to play with me?”
The fish answered: “No! we don’t want to play with you!” “Why not?”, replied Safroot. The fish said: “Because we are angry.” “But why are you angry?”, asked Safroot.
“Because the water is not clear!”, replied the fish.

Safroot felt sad but he did not give up, so he continued his search to find someone to play.
Then he met a group of bears sniffing around between the trees. Safroot walked up to them and asked: “Hello bears, can I play with you?” The bears looked annoyed and said: “No! we don’t want to play with you.”
Safroot said: “Why you don’t want to play with me?” The bears growled: “Because we don’t feel good.” Safroot stepped back a bit and then asked carefully:
“Why don’t you feel good?”
“Because the food here is not tasty”, they said and then the bears turned their backs to Safroot and disappeared in the grayness of the forest.

The little rabbit now was very sad but he still continued.
On an open spot in the forest he saw some birds flying in the sky. Safroot looked up and asked them:
“Hi birds, do you want to play with me?” The birds flew higher up and said: “No, we don’t want to play with you.”
“Why not?”, asked Safroot.
Just before they flew away, the birds answered: “We don’t feel like playing because the air here is not fresh.”

The rabbit found himself alone in the forest. A tear rolled down his eye. “Nobody wants to play with me”, he sobbed to himself.
Little Safroot didn’t realize that some owls were sitting in a tree nearby. They noticed the crying rabbit and spoke to him: “Why are you so sad little rabbit?”
Safroot looked up to the owls and said: “Not one of the animals wants to play with me. They are all sad and angry. The water is not clear, the air is not fresh and the food is not tasty.”
The owl responded wisely: “That is because of the colours.”
“The colours?”, asked Safroot surprised.
“Yes, without the colours we can’t enjoy the beauty of the landscape. We get sad and angry and we don’t want to play.”
“Is there anything we can do?” asked Safroot.
The owl smiled and said: “The only way to bring back the colours to the forest is by bringing all the animals together and sing and dance and play beautiful music. Only then will the colours return to our forest.”

Our rabbit didn’t think twice. He ran to all the animals in the forest and told them the story of the owl. It was not easy, but persistent little Safroot convinced them all to come together and make a big concert.
In the beginning everyone was still frustrated and angry. Nobody wanted to play any music. But Safroot insisted and as soon as the first notes of music were played, the mood started to change.
Before you knew it all the animals were playing and singing together and the little ones started to dance to the music. They had so much fun that they hardly even notice how all the colours started to come back to the forest.
The trees and the grass turned bright green, dark blue was seen in the water and a fresh light blue in the sky, the berries in the bushes turned a delicious deep red and all kinds of beauty emerged all around them.
The forest became a wonderful place and the colours were amazing and bright. And the animals… They were never sad again and spend the whole day playing, dancing and making music. Little Safroot never had any trouble finding a playmate again.