Two Wolves

Once many years ago when the moon was round and the tall grasses reached up to the sky, there was an old Indian Medicine woman who was very old.

She loved to laugh and was kind and wise. She lived on the high plains in the middle of North America. She loved all children in her tribe and was patient and made them laugh.

Her eyes sparkled when she talked. Everyone loved her! One day a little girl came to her with tearsย  in her eyes.

โ€œWhat is the matter?โ€ย  the old Medicine woman asked her.โ€œ There is a terrible battle inside of me. There are two wolves. One is brown with a long raggedy tail. He is mean and vicious with sharp teeth. He is greedy and selfish and wants everything for himself. The other wolf is brown, a bit smaller and she has pointy ears and is gentle,ย  kind and forgiving. They are fighting each other: growling and biting each other.

I donโ€™t know which one will win. It is so difficult and I feel confused and scared.โ€

โ€œAhhh, my young friend. Itโ€™s easy.

The one that wins is the one you feed.โ€

The young girl looked at her and started to smile.
She wiped away her tears, stood up, brushed off her skirt, and bowed to the Old Medicine woman.ย 

She left, knowing what she had to do.